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Front-End Developer 


We're looking for someone to join our team as a Front-End Developer and help us build complex, data-driven user interfaces on the web from our studio in Utrecht. You have a knack for JavaScript and would enjoy learning frameworks such as Next.js or Svelte.



You'll work on interactive dashboards and other complex web applications for our international clients and internal projects. Interacting with API's, creating new components, managing application state and helping your colleagues are part of your day-to-day job.

You will work in close collaboration with our design team and your colleague developers. As a junior developer you will work under the supervision of a senior developer in larger projects, and depending on your progress you can work on smaller projects with more autonomy.

You are comfortable working in a fast paced environment, have a keen, analytical eye and a pragmatic but flexible approach.

Our work focuses on building server-side rendered applications with a data-driven, declarative approach. We've gone all-in on component based development.

Our technology stack is always evolving. We tweak the exact combination of libraries, frameworks and approaches for each project without sacrificing the stability of our solutions.

React is our jam right now, and we're big fans of Next.js. We've been enjoying CSS-in-JS for a while and are happy to see those solutions becoming mature with static extraction and typing support. It's not just JavaScript that we think you need to succeed. All three pillars of the modern web are equally important.

Maybe you can help us rethink how we build, scale and maintain our engineering principles?


We recognize how serverless infrastructure on platforms like Vercel and Netlify are changing the DevOps game. This allows JavaScript to power most of our web applications in the front- and back-end and the pipelines that deploy them. If serverless infrastructure is not an option, we deploy our applications in Docker containers.

All code committed to our Git repositories is automatically checked for syntax errors, ran through Prettier for a consistent code style and unit and integration tested. Thanks to Vercel we have deployment previews for all pull requests, making it a breeze for designers to sign off on UX and visual design before merging to main.

Thanks to our streamlined and automated release process, it's okay for developers to make mistakes. Either they get caught by automated testing or spotted as a bug on staging environments. Even if a bug sneakily gets past our quality control line a rollback to a previous version is only a click away. Bugs can be resolved quickly and easily without harming the end user experience.


We are an open team of designers, developers and project managers; all with a passion for data, design and technology. We are curious about the world around us, ambitious and straight-forward.

We are always looking for similarly open-minded, down to earth people who share our curiosity for life and creative challenges.

Our growing team is made up of many different nationalities from around the world who come together often. Every day we share lunch together in our event space and we enjoy regular team events, as well as nights out together in the city.

Our head office in Utrecht is located in the vibrant Voorstraat area.

Our full-time positions are flexible between 32 - 40 hours per week. 


At CLEVER°FRANKE we are fortunate enough to work with some of the world's biggest and most exciting clients.


You’re welcome at CLEVER°FRANKE regardless of your appearance, identity or background. It’s not a place you have to 'fit in' but somewhere everyone contributes and respects each other.  


  • A friendly, passionate, down to earth team that will inspire, challenge and help you grow professionally
  • Hybrid working 
  • A competitive salary, based on your background and experience
  • A healthy, abundant lunch every day in the studio
  • Paid train expenses from your home to the office
  • A personal development coach and time to explore your interests
  • Challenging projects to spark your creatitivity
  • A personal MacBook and all the peripherals you need
  • A sitting / standing desk (and mini pot plant to liven up your desk)
  • Inspiring team events; such our annual team prototyping day, team trainings, sport events, conference visits, etc.


In addition to the above, we offer training courses, personal development planning and feedback, and a HR coach who will support you. We find it important that you challenge yourself and we want to help do so with this kind of support.


  • Good communication skills
  • An inquisitive mind
  • Proven knowledge of modern web technologies


  • Helping us improve our tools, workflow and process around software development
  • Showing a strong affinity for user experience design


Hit the button below! We'll ask you some questions about what makes you tick and how we can help each other become even better.  Even if you're not looking for a full-time position, we would like to get to know you!


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